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Vanilla liqueur

Vanilla liqueur

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Leave the vanilla bar to soak in alcohol for 14 days.

Then mix with the syrup made of sugar and water.

Filter and place in bottles.

It can be colored with food coloring.

Ginger tincture burning on vodka

  • 200 g of ginger root
  • 480 g of sugar
  • 240 ml of water
  • 1 liter of vodka.

Ginger clean and cut into strips, pour into a saucepan, add sugar and water. Cook (practically, pour) until the ginger becomes soft and the sugar does not turn into syrup. Pour everything into a jar (along with the ginger) and pour the vodka. Set for at least 1 month, then move through a thick cloth or coffee filter and pour into bottles. The rest of the ginger can be used in the preparation or preparation of the next batch of tincture.

The tincture will prove to be burning, but very tasty. It's a kind of green ginger wine (somehow I'll write a recipe). Drink the tincture is better with ice or lemonade.

Pear liqueur and vanilla flavor

Preparation: Peel the pears and cut them into cubes. The vanilla pod grows longitudinally. Add all the ingredients to the container and seal the container with a lid. The liqueur is left to soak for at least 5 weeks. Occasionally mix in liqueur.

The liqueur is strained and poured into smaller bottles.

The pear pieces can be served with Dr. Oetker vanilla-flavored pudding, or with liqueur.

The liqueur has a delicious taste, eaten simply, but can also be used successfully as an ingredient in a cake with fluffy dough.

Keep it in a cool place to protect it, and serve it in elegant glasses, when it is the star drink of a dinner with friends.

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    Homemade vanilla liqueurs

    spicy vanilla liqueur.

    Ingredient: 5g vanilla 4 g of cinnamon, 3 cloves bud, 700 ml of water, sugar syrup (600 ml of water, 2 kg of sugar), 3 liters of alcohol.

    Mix the alcohol with vanilla, cinnamon and cloves, add water spaced boiled and cooled put in 2 weeks in a sunny place.

    Then filter, mix with sugar syrup, filter, pour spicy vanilla into the glass and sealed.

    Vanilla brandy liqueur.

    Ingredient: 2-3 bags of vanillin, 1 kg of sugar, 2 liters of water, 2 liters of brandy.

    Mix brandy with vanilla, pour into bottles and keep for 15 days. From the water and boil the sugar syrup and mix with vanilla and brandy essence. Result of filtering vanilla cognac liqueur, bottled, sealed and stored in a cool dark place.

    Green walnut liqueur old walnut recipe

    Green walnut liqueur old walnut recipe. Homemade natural liqueur made from green walnuts and flavors of your choice: lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, anise, peppercorns, etc. How is walnut liqueur made? What alcohol is used to make a fine homemade liqueur? How many degrees of alcoholic strength must a liqueur have?

    I haven't drunk a homemade green walnut liqueur for a long time! I really wanted to taste one, so I set to work. Liqueurs were my godmother's specialty in Cluj. Although she, being a ballerina, did not consume alcohol because she cared about her figure, she made liqueurs every year to serve guests. Fortunately, I inherited her recipe book and the walnut liqueur was among them.

    Any fine homemade liqueur is prepared either with double refined alcohol (96 °) to be diluted according to the recipe, or with simple (38 ° -40 °) vodka, without flavors. Liqueurs should be between 18-22 °. We do not make liqueur with brandy or brandy because their smell negatively influences the aroma of the liqueur.

    From green walnuts we also prepared a delicious jam & # 8211 see here how it's done and how to keep the fruits so light in color.

    If for the green walnut jam I used only tender walnuts, for walnuts you can also use larger walnuts, which already have the box formed. Some make walnut liqueur from ripe walnut shells, but I haven't tried.

    From the quantities below you get approx. 1.2 L of extremely fine and aromatic green walnut liqueur.

    Tincture on lemon (orange) and coffee

    Citrus peel goes well with coffee liqueur is obtained with a pleasant pleasant aroma.

    • vodka (infusion) - 0.5 l
    • water - 200 ml
    • instant coffee - 1 tsp
    • orange (lemon) - 1 unit
    • sugar - 2 tbsp
    • vanilla - on top of a knife.

    1. Remove the lemon or orange peel (peel) without the white pulp and bitter a few days to dry in the sun.

    2. The coffee tank mix vodka infusion and water. Add finely chopped or rubbed on a grated vanilla peel.

    3. Seal the jar and place for 7 days in a dark place at room temperature. Or a day to shake.

    4. Add sugar, stir until completely dissolved, and then put again for 7 days.

    5. finished the coffee liqueur on orange or lemon filtered through gauze and pour into bottles. Shelf life of up to 3 years.

    Orange and the coffee option

    Homemade refined recipe for fine and aromatic blueberry liqueur

    Homemade refined recipe for fine and aromatic blueberry liqueur. How to make blueberry or blueberry liqueur? Fine liqueur without brandy, brandy or brandy. What is the strength of a liqueur and what alcohol do we use to prepare it? Blueberry recipes. Homemade liqueur recipes.

    Blueberry or blueberry liqueur is a very aromatic drink, with a specific and characteristic taste of blueberries, a taste that I do not want to spoil with stinky brandy (called by some "brandy")! I don't want to drink something like that at all.

    Of course forest blueberries they will give a darker color to this liqueur while those from the farm (which have a thicker shell and a white core) will lead to a more rosy refining. I used blueberries from the store precisely because many of you do not have access to the wild (forest) ones. I leave here the recipe for the traditional blueberry with blueberries (small and black) & # 8211 see here.

    In both cases the blueberries must be the "main character" and not the various undefined fruits of which some make "brandy, brandy or brandy". Here we are not talking about the authentic plum brandy or the clean brandy of pears, apricots or cherries that have over 55 ° even up to 60 °. These are not spoiled by a healthy person to prepare liqueur… In general, people have the impression that any "homemade" distillate with a few degrees of strength is good to put in cherries or other liqueurs. Wrong! Fine liqueurs are made with refined double alcohol or vodka because these two are neutral in terms of smell and do not interfere with the main ingredient: mint, raspberries, cherries, sour cherries, quinces, etc. - I leave the recipes at the end. Vodka and commercially refined double alcohol are made from cereals or potatoes, so they are also natural.

    A fine homemade liqueur must have an alcoholic strength between 22 and 30 degrees.

    From the ingredients below it results approx. 600 ml blueberry liqueur (refined).


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