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Cream of vegetables

Cream of vegetables

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Recipe Vegetable soup of of 04-23-2019

There vegetable soup it is a dish that I often prepare at my house: when it's cold, on winter evenings, a nice hot plate of velouté, perhaps with the addition of croutons, is what it takes to warm up and restore a good mood. Here the temperatures are starting to rise, during the day there is a beautiful sun to warm us, but after sunset it is still chilly, so I still happen to do it even these days ... I often happen to make single vegetable soups (cream of broccoli, cream of leeks ...) but sometimes I also like to mix it, as in this case. There are many recipes to make it, and sometimes I also like to vary the proportions of the vegetables, perhaps based on what I have at home.
This time, for example, to render the vegetable soup tastier and creamier I added a drop of cream, if you prefer to leave the dish more dietary you can replace it with milk or omit it altogether, possibly adding a drop of raw oil on the dishes ;-) I would say that after the revels of Easter, we needed a little lighter recipe, don't you think? basins: *


How to make vegetable soup

Wash the vegetables, peel them and cut them into not too large cubes.

Briefly fry the onion, then add the other vegetables and cook them for a couple of minutes.
Also add the broth, a pinch of salt and start cooking. Halfway through cooking, add some basil.

When the vegetables are well cooked (it will take 20-25 minutes) blend them with the blender.
Finally add the cream and Parmesan cheese, mix and add salt if needed.

Serve the vegetable soup hot, perhaps with croutons.

Vegetable soup - Recipes

For the ricotta cream:
Blend with smoothie. a pic. ricotta with milk, season with salt and sugar. Pass through a sieve.
Prepare a cornstarch roux. (water and cornstarch)
Place over medium heat and add a small amount of roux to thicken slightly.
Put some film in contact to prevent the lump from forming on the surface.

For the carrot:
Peel the carrot with the potato peeler and cut it into pieces.
Boil it soft and blend it with a blender. a pic. adjusting of salt and sugar.
Place on moderate heat and thicken with a little roux.
Put in a baby bottle.

For the spinach:
Wash the spinach and blanch them in boiling water for 4-5 min.
Cool in water and ice.
Blend with smoothie. a pic. adding one of its cooking water, adjusting of salt and sugar.
Place on moderate heat and thicken with a little roux.
Put in a baby bottle.

For the tomato:
Wash and chop the tomatoes and blend them with a blender. to imm., adding salt, sugar and chilli to taste.
Pass through a sieve to remove seeds and peel.
Place on moderate heat and thicken with a little roux.
Put in a baby bottle.

For the crunchy sweet bread:
Cut the sweetbread into slices of about 7-8 milliliters. and then make a concass & egrave (cubes)
Put in the oven at 200 & deg until it is slightly colored and let it cool, about 4 min.

Put the ricotta cream in the serving dish (soup plate).
Form some polka dots with the vegetables in the bottles, then the crunchy sweet bread and finally a drizzle of evo d & rsquoolio.

Cream of carrots

1) Check the carrots, peel them, wash them and cut them into slices. Peel the onions and peel the apples, except one half, which you will keep aside. Cut the celery with washers. Brown all the ingredients in a saucepan with a little oil and the aromatic bunch lfor 3-4 minutes. Remove the aromatic bunch.

2) Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of Flour. Add the hot vegetable broth to which you have added the Apple juice, cover and continue cooking for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Blend the soup with the hand blender.

3) Adjust the cream of salt and pepper, stir and bring to a boil again over low heat. Distribute it in 4 bowls e decorated with the 1/2 apple kept aside cut into slices and, to taste, with very thin slices of carrot and thyme.

Cream of vegetables

I'm a little ashamed to publish this recipe so simple and obvious, but there are at least two good reasons.
The first is that in winter I love soups, I cook them very often and if I didn't publish them there would be little else to be included in the blog.
The second is that the vegetable soup is a way to eat - and make eat - the soup to those who hate it.
It happened to me with Marco. It seems impossible but it's true: if you present Marco with a minestrone, he ingests it with difficulty and stops at the first 5 tablespoons, if instead you offer him a vegetable soup - which is nothing more than a smoothie minestrone - he eats it with gusto and takes it back between two and three times. I assure you. For me it is absurd but it works like this. And maybe you also have people like Marco in your family. Hihi!

So, this is the procedure to follow for a simple and genuine tasty vegetable soup.
Get mixed seasonal vegetables at the market, eg. for 2/3 people in this season about 500gr. between carrots, broccoli, cabbage, chard, spinach, leek, etc.
To speed up, I take a packet of mixed vegetables already cleaned and cut, but fresh ones, not industrial packaged or even worse frozen ones.
Fry 1 or 2 onions (or shallot or leek) in oil.
Peel 2 or 3 potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Add them to the onion sauté and brown for a couple of minutes.
At this point, pour the packet of vegetables, brown for another couple of minutes and pour hot water so as to almost cover the vegetables (if you want a thick cream, the water must not exceed the vegetables).
Cook for half an hour or until the vegetables are flaked.
Salt and pepper as needed (you can use the vegetable cube instead of salt).
Blend with the blender.
Decorate with oil and croutons.
That's all! A smoothie soup, in fact!

& gt The soup can be enriched with a can of beans which must be added once the vegetables have been poured, before covering them with water.
& gt If you like, you can add fresh chilli.

Recipes First courses - Soups and soups

The cream of mixed vegetables is a very healthy and delicate first course. 5 recipes to prepare soups. First Dishes Recipe :. Velvety 372 recipes. INGREDIANTS. one of the best known recipes is the pumpkin soup prepared with. Cannelloni of crepes with vegetables and chicken with. The velvety, simple and good recipes. 0 0.

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Cream of mixed vegetables. Velvety creams drive me crazy. Le Ricette di Tina says: November 8, 2013 at 11:20 pm. Velvety Recipes. In this section you will find hints, tips and directions to create appetizing velvety recipes with vegetables. Find out now how. Cream of fennel and Thermomix carrots. Time for soups to taste vegetables in a different way, the dish is also suitable for children due to the delicate taste of. A collection of light soup recipes :. light and filling creams and velvets, ideal for lunch and dinner and easy to use. Post purifying vegetable puree. Based on seasonal vegetables or. from the simplest flavors to the most unusual tastes, here is our selection of soup and velvety recipes. Ten velvets for the colder seasons. Ten different recipes are then proposed for ten hot pasta dishes.

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Vegetables: recipes: knowing cheeses: pasta: rice: MINI DICTIONARY: THE ACTIONS :. In this section you will find all the recipes for soups, soups and. Seasonal vegetable soups and purées are the best solution. We go from the basic recipe of vegetable broth to dishes. vegetarian recipes. Velvety. Andalusian cream. Brown the onion in the butter in a large saucepan, add the other vegetables and let it brown for a few minutes.

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Creamy soups and soups. Cream of pumpkin and Thermomix leeks. Recipes-Thermomix is ​​a personal blog dedicated to recipes created with the most envied kitchen robot. On you can find thermomix velvety thermomix recipes along with thousands of. zucchini flan with the thermomix of vegetables with the thermomix cinziaaifornelli. Home Recipes. tasty and rich in vegetables. In this period soups and velvets begin to become the protagonists of our table. The recipes for preparing soups and soups have a common basis: the. After having carefully washed and cut the vegetables into pieces. Velvety recipes. About. Recipes. Journal. Search for. Facebook. Vegetables. Chocolate. Legumes. Chicken. Beef. Fish. Course All our recipes organized by. Lots of tasty and nutritious ideas for vegetable fantasies on the table. From courgette and avocado cream to pea soup with chives. Colored e.

Cream of vegetables

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  • 25 - 30 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 170 - 200 g of mixture for sautéing (onion, spring onions, leeks) in pieces (2 cm)
  • 700 - 800 g of mixed vegetables (courgettes, carrots, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, celery) cut into pieces (2 cm)
  • 750 - 850 g of water
  • 1 teaspoon stock cube
    or 1 cube for vegetable broth (dose for 0.5 l)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Recipe of purifying vegetable soup

Ingrediants for 4 people:

  • ½ onion
  • 360 g of broccoli tops
  • 160 g of celery
  • 300 g of bell pepper
  • 360 g of fennel
  • 2 coppery tomatoes (about 300 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • Pepper as needed
  • Water to taste
  • To accompany: 2 slices of toasted bread (for the gluten-free version I used this bread)

Procedimento (preparation: 15 min. cooking: 45 min.)

To prepare the purifying vegetable soup, start by cleaning and cutting the vegetables: peel the onion and cut it into cubes (1). Remove the leaves and the stem of the broccoli (2), then remove the tops (3) and rinse them thoroughly under cold water.

Wash the celery stalks and cut them into fairly large pieces (4). Wash the pepper, cut it in half and remove the stalk, seeds and white filaments (5), then also cut into cubes (6).

Wash the fennel and cut it into small pieces (7). Peel the tomatoes (if you have difficulty you can blanch them for a couple of minutes) (8) and cut them into small pieces (9).

In a pan, lightly fry the onion in oil (10), then add all the other vegetables (11) and as much water as you need to cover them by one centimeter (12).

Salt lightly, cover with a lid leaving a small opening for the steam and cook over medium heat for about 45 minutes (13). After the time has elapsed, the vegetables will be cooked and the soup will be considerably reduced (14). Remove it from the heat and blend it with the blender (15).

When you have obtained a smooth and homogeneous vegetable soup (16), season with salt and put it back on the heat. Then bring it to just touch the boil, always stirring it (17). Serve the purifying vegetable soup garnished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of pepper and, if you like, accompanied by some lightly toasted croutons (18).

If you want to make the vegetable soup even lighter, put all the vegetables, including the onion, in the pan without oil, cover with water and cook in the same way.

If you liked the recipe for purifying vegetable soup, follow the Corn di Mais also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while here you will find the section dedicated to light recipes!

Start preparing the vegetable soup by cutting the spring onions and browning them in a saucepan with the extra virgin olive oil.

Wash the potatoes, courgettes and cut them into small cubes.

Add the peas, potatoes, courgettes and spinach to the pan.

Let the vegetables flavor for a few minutes, then cover with the vegetable broth.

Blend the vegetables with the hand blender.

Add the Santa Lucia Fresh Spreadable Cheese and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring.

Cut the bread into cubes and toss in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Serve your vegetable soup, pepper to taste and add the croutons

Cream of radishes and potatoes

Yesterday we cooked a wonderful pasta with radish pesto, using only the leaves. Today, we're going to cook a mouth-watering cream of radishes and potatoes. In the summer, you can serve this dish, both hot and cold. Radish is a tuber, with an intense and spicy flavor, with which you can prepare excellent first courses, using, not only & hellip

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