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9 Oscar Night Cocktails

9 Oscar Night Cocktails

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Award-worthy mixed drinks inspired by 2012's Best Picture Oscar nominees

It's Oscar time again! After a straight month of award shows, the events have culminated for the biggest night of all: the Oscars.

This Sunday, Feb. 26, marks the 84th Annual Academy Awards and viewers everywhere will be gathering to cheer on their favorite actors and actresses. While many will celebrate the evening's elegance with indulgences like wine and cheese, why not drink like the event attendees and stir up some elegantly crafted cocktails?

We've put together a show-stopping list of beautiful and delicious cocktails, each with a perfect tie in to the nine stars of the evening, the best picture nominees.

Read on for the Oscar-worthy cocktails and be sure to let us know how you plan to celebrate the award show!

Click here for the 9 Oscar Night Cocktail recipes.

— Kate Statton,

9 Hollywood Cocktails for Your Oscar Party

Few of us will ever get the chance to see the Academy Awards, or any other such awards ceremony, in person. That, however, does not mean we can't drink like the stars of Hollywood!

From the fun and fruity Hollywood Martini to cocktails that the celebrities themselves have enjoyed in the past, these cocktail recipes are a lot of fun. They're easy to mix up and if you dress them up with fancy garnishes, they'll make your viewing party the hottest event in town.

14 Glamorous Cocktails to Fête the Oscars

Sip away on something festive for Hollywood's biggest night.

With the Academy Awards nearly a week away, it's time to start planning your own festivities. Whether you're hosting a stylish viewing party or doing something a bit more low-key, ensure that you'll be drinking something just as chic as the stars. From bubbles that involve a gilded touch, to simple shake-ups with colorful garnishes, drink up and cheers to this year's Oscars.

A simple glass of bubbly is the perfect way to toast to your favorite noms. Adding an orange twist helps it feel all the more special.

While stars are taking home the gold, serve up some rosé gold cocktails that are almost too pretty to drink.

The citrusy flavors in this sparkling concoction are the perfect addition to a chilly night.

This ombre-colored cocktail adds a dazzling effect to any get-together.

Adding a touch of gold to this honey, fig and gin mixture feels all the more alluring.

What could be more glamorous than a twinkly touch to a little bubbly?

This smashed bellini feels like a party in a glass with vodka, peach and sparkling wine. Add a sprig of lavender for a fresh (and festive) touch.

This plum and basil sparkling drink will have you feeling rosy as you cheer on your cinema favorites.

With lemon, honey and pear + chamomile gin, this is one cocktail that doesn't need much of an introduction.

This simple gin fizz with sage and honey could definitely be considered the LBD of craft cocktails.

Part rum, part grapefruit juice (with a hint of lime) this Hemingway-inspired cocktail is pure sophistication via coupe.

Champagne and orange liquor help add a tinge of sweetness to even the sorest (and sourest) of awards show losses.

Who needs candy from a box when you can have a candied grapefruit margarita instead?

Blackberry, mango and mint makes for a brilliant combination to toast to Hollywood's most enchanting night.

The Perfect Oscars® Party Menu

A gold-hued Gibson gets its sunny color—and heady fragrance—from pearl onions pickled in champagne vinegar and a mixture of saffron, bay leaves, and juniper berries.

Fruity pear brandy gives this cocktail a light floral undertone. Don't worry about serving it in traditional flutes juice glasses are fine.

Cereal, pretzels, peanuts and, of course, popcorn, this classic snack with a spicy twist has something everyone will enjoy.

Taste buds be amazed. This popcorn packs all the flavor of pizza into one tiny bite.

For being one of the easiest things to make for your fiesta, there might not be a more popular dish than this classic Mexican dip. We guarantee the bowl will be empty long before the Best Picture award goes out.

A terrine of blue cheese smeared on walnut bread and topped with honey-nut sauce is a delicious way to make your party special. It's like picnic food for cocktail hour.

This tart is designed to accompany a cheese plate, but you could also add a handful of goat or blue cheese crumbles on top.

Serve this beloved chickpea spread with baked bagel or pita chips, blanched broccoli florets or sugar snap peas, or any of these other interesting dippers.

This recipe yields enough dough for four 10-inch pizzas, which should serve 8 people. You can use whole wheat flour in place of up to 1 cup white flour.

Spiced up with pickled chilies, this dish gets a kick from tangy Italian tomato puree.

The beer-battered fish in these tacos is fried twice—the first can be done up to a day ahead the second is done quickly right before serving.

Spicy homemade mayonnaise adds an extra kick to these crowd-pleasing mini sandwiches.

Fried garbanzo beans add unexpected flavor and crunch to a chopped salad you can serve family style.

This side is not only delicious, it also provides an extra hit of nutrition compared to fries made from regular potatoes.

Cut this dessert—which has a graham cracker crust—into brownie-sized squares for nibbling, and top it with mint sprigs.

Nobody—and we mean nobody—is too full to eat one (or two, or six) of these irresistible truffles, made by layering dark chocolate ganache and pecan pie filling in miniature baking cups.

9 Oscar Cocktails Inspired by the Best Picture Nominees

Whether you’re an enthusiastic part of an Oscar betting pool or don’t even plan on watching the 90 th Academy Awards, the allure of a themed drink is pretty strong, and these tipples inspired by each Best Picture nominee are all worthy contenders. Mix some up, maybe put out a few movie-themed snacks to go with, and even the Hollywood haters will be happy. (If you’re coming to this late, fear not—we also have new 2019 Oscars drink options!)

Note: While some of these don’t make a lot of sense to people who haven’t seen the films, there are only the mildest of spoilers below—still, proceed with caution if you don’t like to know any details before you’ve seen a movie for yourself.

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” — Whiskey, Bitters, and Club Soda

Let’s get this one out of the way first. While it may be critically lauded (though not universally), superbly acted, and often darkly humorous, it’s just not much fun to riff on in drink form. There is a Missouri Mule (created for native state son Harry S. Truman, though he didn’t much care for it himself), but thematically, it’s not a great fit, save the name. If you’re brave enough, you could make flaming shots in honor of the main character’s explosive rage, or if you want to embrace the pitch-black humor aspect, go with an Obituary, but our vote is for something along the lines of a Stone Fence—just good old-fashioned whiskey for drowning your sorrows, bitters to reflect your emotional state after watching this movie, and club soda to dilute it all a little since Monday is a work day for most of us. The classic recipe uses cider instead of soda, which you can certainly do if you need a bit more sweetness. Get our Stone Fence recipe.

Picking a drink for a biopic of Winston Churchill is pretty easy, because the man liked to drink (a lot). Whiskey was a favorite, and his children reportedly called his daily glass of Johnnie Walker Red heavily diluted with water a “Papa cocktail,” so you could very well just serve that—as strong or as weak as you’d prefer. However, he also had a proper cocktail named after him in 1939, and this more modern recipe featuring cold brew coffee and maple syrup is an even more interesting choice. It pays homage to his affinity for both morning whiskey and stogies, in the form of a charred cinnamon stick “cigar” garnish, which is so simple yet so impressive, you just might get an honorary visual effects award from your friends. Get the recipe.

The other World War II movie in the bunch centers on the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk and features action in the air, water, and on land. It so happens that “Dunkirk spirit” is not only a British phrase used to describe an ineffable quality of grit, but an actual brand of gin, which you could use in any number of cocktails, from a simple gin and tonic to this classic Aviation cocktail—a nice nod to the Spitfire planes featured in the film, whatever type of gin you use. Get the recipe.

“Call Me By Your Name” — Peach Bellini

It’s Italian and it’s made from peaches. If you’ve seen the movie, this makes perfect sense. If you haven’t, well, you’ll still love drinking this, and the sparkling wine makes it appropriately festive for an awards ceremony. Since peaches aren’t in season, you may need to add a little extra sugar, and/or you can try roasting the fruit first to concentrate the flavor. Get our Peach Bellini recipe.

John Steinbeck’s classic novel “The Grapes of Wrath” figures into this affecting coming-of-age film, so why not pick a grape-based cocktail, like a purple Negroni or Concord martini? This elderflower Concord cocktail is fittingly bittersweet, and lovely to behold, although if you like things a little earthier and were into the charred cinnamon stick mentioned above, stir up some Clove and Cider cocktails in homage to clove cigarettes’ mention in the movie. It’s all about the freedom to choose. Speaking of, since you’re not likely to find fresh Concord grapes in February, feel free to substitute a little bottled Concord juice, and if you don’t taste enough sour or bitter in the finished drink (since you’ll be missing the muddled skins), add a touch more lemon juice or bitters as needed. Get the recipe.

It’s tempting to go with tea, and if you want to, you’ve got lots of options, like white tea sangria, vanilla vodka chai, and simple chamomile with honey and bourbon, but whatever you chose, you should probably shake it, not stir. If you’re willing to go a little sillier—and yet also way scarier—you’ve obviously got to serve Froot Loops shots, or this cereal milk cocktail. Straws are optional, but do be sure to leave out little bowls of Froot Loops for dunking. Get the recipe.

“Phantom Thread” — Green Tea Gimlet

Though you might not be able to tell from the trailers, there’s a great deal of food featured in this film, and in the first scene where the two main characters meet, a full breakfast is ordered, including a pot of lapsang souchong tea. The smoky black tea lends a lovely depth to many cocktails, like this whiskey lemon cordial and this smoky tea sour. But Reynolds Woodcock, ever the iconoclast, also enjoys Japanese green tea—sencha, not matcha, but they’re close enough that a matcha cocktail makes an appropriate nod to his habits, and even recalls the color of one stunning green silk coat glimpsed in the movie (and in this Vanity Fair fashion show of the film’s costumes). Get the recipe.

“The Shape of Water” — Blue Majik Woman

This one’s a mocktail (okay, a “wellness drink”), which could be good since the Oscars are on a Sunday, but who’s to say you couldn’t spike it if you wanted? It’s made with blue spirulina powder for a naturally gorgeous color, and as a bonus, it’s derived from oceanic algae, further fitting the watery theme. However, some people think it tastes a little fishy, or at least not that good without other strong flavors to mask it, so if that worries you, you could always go the more classic route and make a mixed drink with blue Curaçao. Put it in a fishbowl if you’re cheeky like that—and float the sexiest Swedish fish you can find in the middle of the drink. (Or if that’s literally a bit too much, consider blue Jello shots.) Get the recipe.

Celebratory Oscar-worthy cocktails to toast with on Hollywood’s biggest night

The Academy Awards are this weekend marking Hollywood’s biggest night as well as the end of the award season. We’re looking forward to all the glitz and glam from some of our favorite stars like Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez as well as seeing who wins big at the end of the night. For this momentous evening, we want to celebrate like all the big stars with some deliciously refreshing cocktails that we’ll use to cheer on a fan favorite or commemorate with those that lost. Cheers [responsibly] to an Oscar-worthy night with these celebratory cocktails!

Hollywood Highball cocktail

1 1/2 oz Tequila Don Julio 70

3/4 oz Coconut Sugar Syrup

Dehydrated Pineapple Flower filled with Pickled Blueberries for garnish

1. Combine Tequila Don Julio 70, coconut sugar syrup, medium sherry and chilled soda water into a Collins glass over fresh ice. Stir well.

2. Garnish with a dehydrated pineapple flower and pickled blueberry.

Nominees Negroni cocktail

1 1/2 oz Tequila Don Julio Añejo

Dash of Orange Bitters Orange Twist for garnish

1. Combine Tequila Don Julio Añejo, Italian Apéritif, vermouth blend and orange bitters into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Stir well.

2. Garnish with an orange twist

*Vermouth Blend: Combine 4 parts Gewürztraminer wine and 1 part American Amaro

These 6 Oscar-Inspired Cocktails Promise to Keep This Year's Show Interesting

We know you'll probably be thirsty while watching the Academy Awards, so why not imbibe in one of these Oscar-inspired cocktail recipes? Minibar created six delicious drinks—occasioned by some of this year's most award-worthy movies and stars—that will make you feel like you're part of the action. Try all six—and don't be afraid to vote on the winner:

1. "The Chris Rocktail"

Pour chilled Cristal champagne into a flute. Garnish with rock candy.

2. "The Revenant"

1/2 cup of Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Mix ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Pour into a frosted old-fashioned glass and garnish with blackberries.

3. "The Martian Sunset"

1 1/2 oz. Malibu coconut rum

Mix rum, tequila, and juices in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a martini glass. Then pour in grenadine until it changes color. Let separate and serve.

4. "The Brooklyn"

1 oz. Jameson Irish whiskey

Take shot. Finish with a Brooklyn Lager. Spread love—it's the Brooklyn way.

5. "The Bridge of Spies Double Crosser"

Muddle thyme, oranges, and blueberry syrup into a cocktail shaker and then add Double Cross vodka and ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish the glass with three blue-cheese-stuffed blueberries and oranges.

6. "The Big Short"

3 drops Tabasco hot sauce

A big drink in a short glass. Mix rum and whiskey into a lowball glass. Add 3 drops of hot sauce. Be careful for the crash—you'll never see it coming.

__7. "The Mad Max: Fury Road" __

Mix liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a glass and sprinkle with Cayenne pepper. Garnish with a chile.

8. "The Creed Punch"

Mix ingredients together in a punch bowl with ice. Allow fruit to marinate. Garnish with fruit and serve with straws.

Authentic, Accessible, Relevant

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Cheers! 9 Cocktails for Your Oscar Party

Toast to the best picture nominees with these drinks.

Feb. 21, 2013 — -- intro: This Sunday, pour yourself a cocktail, settle in to your seat and watch the stars glam it up at the Oscars. We've collected nine fantastic cocktails recipes you can make for your Oscars party or enjoy with a few friends. Kick back and cheer on your favorite films!

quicklist:1category: "Amour"title:url: text: 3/4 part lemon juice

2 dashes Angostura Orange bitters

1 part Jacob's Creek Classic Moscato

Muddle 4 concord grapes with 6 tarragon leaves in 1/2 ounce Honey Syrup. Build ingredients in a highball glass and top with Jacob's Creek Classic Moscato.

Recipe courtesy Plymouth 18558165 related:

quicklist:2category: "Life of Pi"title: The Essence of Piurl: text: 1 ounce of TY KU premium sake and spirits1 ounce of Veev Acai

Shake and strain into martini glass. Garnish with pineapple wedge.

Recipe courtesy W San 18558101 related:

quicklist:3category: "Silver Linings Playbook"title: Home-Aidurl: text: 2 ounces LICOR 43 Liqueur

4 ounces tropical fruit punch

1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine all ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into an ice-­filled glass and garnish with an umbrella.

Recipe courtesy Darryl "Dr. Mixologist" 18557972 related:

quicklist:4category: "Argo"title: Canadian Embassyurl: text:2 ounces The Original Moonshine

Measure maple syrup into a glass. Add ice and pour in moonshine slowly, stirring to ensure that you properly combine it with the syrup. Add a splash of bitters. Rub an orange slice around the inside of a rocks glass, add fresh ice, and strain the moonshine mixture into the rocks glass. Garnish with orange and serve.

Recipe courtesy Darryl "Dr. Mixologist" 18557962 related:

quicklist:5category: "Lincoln"title:Lincoln's Manhattanurl: text:11/2 parts Basil Hayden's Bourbon1/2 part sweet vermouth1/2 part dry vermouth1/2 part maple syrup2 dashes of bitters

Stir together the bourbon, vermouths, maple syrup and bitters over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry and serve.

Recipe courtesy Basil Hayden's 18558029 related:

quicklist:6category: "Beasts of the Southern Wild"title: The Sparkling Bayouurl: text: 1 lemon wedge

1 teaspoon superfine sugar

Ice cubes made with filtered water and various berries

1 small bunch Concord grapes, for serving

Fill shaker with ice cover and shake to combine. Fill a rocks glass with ice. Strain into prepared rocks glass and top with seltzer garnish with concord grapes and serve immediately.

Recipe courtesy Polar 18558133 related:

quicklist:7category: "Django Unchained"title: Unchained Westernurl: text: 2-3 chunks of frozen pineapple

1 teaspoon maraschino syrup

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the pineapple, syrup, lemon juice and whiskey. Add ice and shake well. Strain into a coupe, top with Polar Seltzer. Garnish with lemon twist.

Recipe courtesy Polar 18558144 related:

quicklist:8category: "Zero Dark Thirty"title: Seal Team Sixurl: text: 2 ounces LICOR 43 Liqueur

Fill glass with ice. Add dark rum and LICOR 43. Fill with cola. Add splash of high proof rum to taste.

Recipe courtesy Darryl "Dr. Mixologist" 18558091 related:

quicklist:9category: "Les Miserables"title: Revolutionary Kirurl: text: 4 parts French white wine

4 parts Polar Raspberry Lime Seltzer

1 part Créme de Cassis (Blackcurrant liqueur or syrup)

Blackberries, optional garnish

In an old fashioned coupe glass, add the currant liqueur or syrup and then the wine, and then the Polar Seltzer. Garnish if you wish.

The Exclusive 2021 OSCAR COCKTAIL COLLECTION by Cocktail Aficionado and Author Mark Addison

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2021 / The star-studded 93rd Academy Awards are quickly approaching and the question on everyone's minds is "What will the stars be wearing. DRINKING!" Award-winning cocktail author and entertaining expert Mark Addison has created his highly anticipated Oscar Cocktail Collection inspired by the 2021 Best Picture Oscar-nominated films. This menu is ideal for elevating any Oscar viewing party. In a year when most have been sticking to "happy hour at home," this menu will help take Oscar night to the next level. Mark has photographed the entire collection, complete with creative mini sets specifically designed for each film the cocktails represent. Past years' Oscar Cocktail Collections have been featured in print, online, and on national, regional, and syndicated TV shows.

Cocktail: SEVEN & 7

The Harvey Walbanger meets the Long Island Iced Tea - a delicious reinvention of these two infamous cocktails. Inspired by late 1960s, early 1970s cocktail culture, the Seven & 7 cocktail is a nod to the film's title and its seven characters who lead the ensemble cast - this cocktail combines seven "spirits" plus a touch of 7 UP.


A refreshingly crushable cocktail with ingredients inspired by roadside dive bars and the American West - including tequila and light beer elevated with the addition of fresh lime, mint, and crushed ice. The name represents the moment in the film where Bob Wells teaches Fern (Frances McDormand) the nomad salutation "see you down the road" in place of "good-bye."


Soju, a traditional Korean spirit, meets herbaceous celery and parsley juice and tart lemon for a cocktail inspired by the film's namesake Asian herb, Minari (aka water celery). Mirin, a naturally fermented rice wine, helps balance the cocktail and a savory five-spice salt accentuates the Asian-American influences.

Cocktail: ROSEBUD

A cocktail inspired by Marion Davies' nickname, given to her by William Randolph Hearst and made infamous with a line from the film "Citizen Kane." This classic gin-based champagne cocktail calls back to Old Hollywood with the addition of rose liqueur for a nod to Davies' nickname. A rosewater spritz completes the fantasy to the iconic silver screen-style cocktail inspired by this 10-time Oscar-nominated film.

Cocktail: BETRAYAL

A cocktail that deceives - like many of the characters in this Oscar-nominated film. The Betrayal is juicy and punch-like in appearance, but this cocktail has a secret - SPICE! Jalapeno-infused Tequila packs a punch, adding unexpected heat to this blood red, citrus-forward cocktail.


Life on the road for a touring musician means late-night shows and long days driving to new cities. Coffee is plentiful and often necessary for those with this hectic lifestyle. Inspired by tour life and named after Ruben and Lou's band in the film, the Blackgammon cocktail is a spirit-forward take on a strong cup of coffee. The mixture of cola and coffee liqueur and the powdered mini donut garnish is a nod to Ruben's breakfast of choice during his morning writing sessions.


The ultimate adult mocktail - The Cult Classic is a nod to the candy-colored styling of the film and Cassandra's Ginger Ale fake-out in this Oscar-nominated take on a revenge genre film. This non-alcoholic version of a Mind Eraser cocktail will have your "frenemies" duped with the use of non-alcoholic spirits - sip away and enjoy a bonus bite of something sweet - the Twizzler straw garnish!


Memory is the centerpiece of this film and the inspiration behind its cocktail - a Moment In Time. Life's memories are complex, and this cocktail mirrors the mixed emotions that come with nostalgia. Sweet, sour, and bitter elements combine to create a drinkable expression of a memory that lingers and stands the test of time. In this cocktail, the hazelnut and chocolate notes are an homage to Anthony's beloved daughter Lucy and her painting - Pirouette. The hazelnut cookie of the same name acts as flavor inspiration and a tasty garnish to sweeten life's bitter moments.

Mark has appeared on national television as an authority on design and entertaining. He has created hundreds of signature cocktails to toast special occasions, product launches, celebrities, and Hollywood films. Mark's book Cocktail Chameleon was named THE BOOK to upgrade your home bar.

High-res cocktail images and full recipes can be viewed here. Please credit "Mark Addison for Cocktail Chameleon" for all images and recipes. For more information and to schedule an interview with Mark please reach out via email - [email protected]

2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection - from left to right: Nomadland, Mank, The Father, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Minari, Judas and the Black Messiah, A Promising Young Woman, and Sound of Metal

DOWN THE ROAD for the film "Nomadland" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

ROSEBUD for the film "Mank" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

MOMENT IN TIME for the film "The Father" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

SEVEN & 7 for the film "The Trial of the Chicago 7" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

SOJU CELERY TONIC for the film "Minari" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

BETRAYAL for the film "Judas and the Black Messiah" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

CULT CLASSIC for the film "A Promising Young Woman" for the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

BLACKGAMMON for the film "Sound of Metal" from the 2021 Oscar Cocktail Collection by Mark Addison

As an award-winning author, designer and producer, Mark has created extraordinary interiors and environments for private homes, celebrity events, major product launches, and international galas. His uniquely creative vision has earned him an impressive client list of celebrities, top consumer brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Addison's entertaining and design expertise, along with his dynamic personal style, have made him a sought-after authority. He has shared his ideas on design and home entertaining in more than 100 television appearances on national and regional TV shows as well as a regular contributor to print and on-line publications. This brings a fresh perspective and contagious optimism to all his work, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

In his book, Cocktail Chameleon Mark provides 12 variations on 12 classic cocktails on classic cocktails, starting with a lesson on the fundamentals of each drink (proportions, techniques and ingredients) before sharing the secrets of his own recipes. His ultimate goal: to inspire you to create our own unforgettable signature cocktails.

15 Award-Winning Cocktails Perfect for This Year's Oscar Party

Watching the most glamorous award show of the year obviously requires the most glamorous drink.

1 oz. Grenadine
2 oz. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Chardonnay
Sparkling water
Gold pom pom drink stirrers
1-2 cups of ice

Fill glass with ice and add grenadine and Woodbridge Chardonnay. Top with sparkling water. Add pom pom drink stirrers with raspberries for garnish.

Recipe courtesy of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

With four different types of alcohol, this robust drink may or may not make your guests just as teary-eyed as their favorites celebs accepting that golden statue.

0.5 oz. Frangelico
1 oz. scotch
0.25 oz. orange liqueur
0.25 oz. Palo Cortado Sherry
Lemon for garnish

Combine liquor ingredients and mix. Garnish with lemon twist.

Recipe courtesy of Micaela Piccoolo, Distilled

Your party-goers will be impressed with the complexity of this tangy drink. Serve 'em up just as the show is starting and they'll be satisfied all night.

1 oz. Amaro Lucano
0.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 oz. San Pellegrino Limonata
Bisol Jeio Prosecco
Lemon wheel for garnish

Mix Lucano, fresh lemon, and San Pellegrino. Add 3 1/2 oz. mix to wine glass, fill with ice, and top with prosecco. Garnish with two lemon wheels.

Recipe courtesy of Amaro Lucano

Unless you're in L.A. with the rest of our favorite red carpet celebs, chances are you'll need something to warm you up when the Oscars roll around. This spicy-slash-tangy wine has just enough depth to do the trick.

1 cup Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon
3-4 tbsp. Orangecello
1 cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
Juice of 1 whole lemon, freshly squeezed
Cinnamon sticks for garnish

Mix all ingredients together as a batch. Shake a singular serving with ice and top off with a cinnamon stick and a maraschino cherry.

Recipe courtesy of Clos du Bois

Having a girls night for the viewing? Whip out the big guns for this one&mdashrum.

1.5 oz. Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum
1 oz. fresh lime juice
0.25 oz. simple syrup
5 large chunks fresh cut pineapple
5 fresh mint leaves
Pineapple wedge, lime wheel, and mint sprig for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, muddle pineapple chunks, mint leaves, and simple syrup for 30-35 seconds. Add fresh lime juice, rum, and ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled coupe glass, garnish with pineapple wedge, lime wheel, and mint sprig.

Recipe courtesy of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum

Raise a glass with this blend of 100 percent pure agave tequila, blue curacao, lime juice, simple syrup and Perrier sparkling water.

1.5 oz. Milagro Reposado tequila
0.5 oz. blue curacao
1.5 oz. simple syrup
1.5 oz. lime juice
1 oz. Perrier lemon or lime sparkling water

Combine all the ingredients (except the sparkling water) in a cocktail shaker. Top with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into an iced highball glass. Top with Perrier sparkling water. Garnish with edible flower.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

Who doesn't want a flute of sparkling wine on Oscar night? Especially when your bubbles are mixed with gin, Elderflower liqueur, and fresh lemon.

0.5 oz. Plymouth gin
0.5 oz. St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
0.75 oz. lemon juice
0.75 oz. simple syrup
3 oz. Barefoot Extra Dry sparkling wine
Lemon twist + sugar rim

Wet outside rim of champagne flute with lemon wedge and dip into a sugar bowl. Set aside. Combine the gin, St. Germain, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Top with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into rimmed champagne flute. Top with Barefoot Extra Dry sparkling wine.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

Hands down, this is probably one of the best three-ingredient cocktails you'll ever have. And don't let the Grand Marnier fool you&mdashalthough it's a sweet liqueur, the fresh lemon balances it out to make a smooth&mdashnot sweet&mdashdrink.

1.75 oz. Grand Marnier
4 mint leaves
5 lemon chunks/wedges
Mint sprig for garnish

In a mixing glass, muddle the lemon chunks/wedges with the mint. Add the Grand Marnier. Top with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into an iced glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

Your friends need something to sip on while staring at all the red carpet looks, and this colorful mason jar drink is begging for all the likes on Instagram.

1.5 oz. Effen Black Cherry vodka
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. simple syrup
Splash of orange juice
Splash of pineapple juice
Splash of grenadine
Splash of 7-Up

Combine all the ingredients in a Mason jar. Top with ice. Screw on the cap and shake vigorously. Serve.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

The only thing better than cozying up to watch an awards show with your friends and family is getting to do it the way the Italians would&ndashwith hazelnut liquor and orange bitters. Cheers.

0.5 oz. Frangelico
1 oz. Fino Sherry
1 oz. Cinzano 1757
0.75 oz. Amontillado Sherry
0.5 oz. lemon juice
2 dashes of orange bitters
Tonic to top

Combine all ingredients and whip shake with 3 ice cubes. Pour into Collins glass over ice. Top with tonic and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Recipe courtesy of Shaun Dunn (The NoMad &ndash Flatiron)

This classic was created at the Ritz Carlton in Paris, France (so you know it's good). Consider it a cross between a French Martini and a Sidecar, with plenty of muddled blackberries to boot.

4 blackberries
1.5 oz. Hennessy cognac (Hennessy Black, if available)
0.75 oz. Chambord (or blackberry liqueur)
0.5 oz. lemon juice
Splash of pineapple juice
Lemon twist

In a mixing glass, muddle the blackberries with the lemon juice and pineapple juice. Add the cognac and Chambord. Top with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

Get ready for an arm workout, as this needs plenty of shaking for a solid 30 seconds. Or if you're feeling lazy (hey, we feel ya), just toss it in a blender with ice and mix on high for 10 seconds.

0.75 oz. Hangar One Mandarin Blossom vodka
0.75 oz. Hendricks gin
2 oz. heavy cream
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. simple syrup
1 egg white
Club soda

Combine the Hangar One Mandarin Blossom vodka, gin, heavy cream, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake hard for good count to 30. Strain into a tall glass without ice. Slowly top with chilled club soda and serve.

If using a blender, after everything is mixed pour into a highball glass about 3/4 full, then top with soda water.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

It's a classic from the 1950s, but topped with a flamed orange twist for added dimension.

1.5 oz. Belvedere vodka
1.5 oz. Plymouth gin
0.5 oz. Kina Lillet
Orange twist, flamed

Combine the vodka, gin and Kina Lillet in a cocktail shaker. Top with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Using a vegetable peeler, peel off a large slice of orange peel. With the skin facing downward, squeeze over the martini and through the flame. (The oils will disperse on top of the martini glass).

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

A variation of the Brown Cow made with cognac, vanilla ice cream, and root beer&ndash it's the perfect party dessert.

1.5 oz. Hennessy cognac
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
Root beer

Fill a pilsner glass with vanilla ice cream. Add the cognac. Slowly top with chilled root beer.

Recipe courtesy of Kim Haasarud

A familiar and timeless cocktail, but with a unique spin thanks to a dollop of peach foam.

Barefoot Pink Moscato, chilled
3 egg whites
0.75 oz. peach schnapps
1 tbsp. sugar

In a bowl, whip up the egg whites until soft peaks form. Add the peach schnapps and sugar. Beat until thoroughly mixed in. Add more peach schnapps and sugar, to taste. Fill a champagne flute with chilled Barefoot Pink Moscato about ¾ full. Top with a dollop of peach foam and serve.

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